How to Save Instagram Stories 2023

Save Instagram Stories

Instagram is most popular Social media platform that you can share moments, updates, and daily snippets of our lives way threw Instagram Story, But many users don’t know about How to Save Instagram Stories in to your device.

Instagram stories that are posted to your profile and least for 24 hours, leaving many users wishing they could save them for later.

In this article, I will guide to you How to Save Instagram Stories following Method.

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Discuss about Save Instagram Stories

Why require Save Instagram Stories

Save Instagram Stories for several purpose, following reason to Save Stories.

  • Instagram Stories often capture short lived moments, and people may want to save them to relive memories they cherish.
  • For businesses, influence’s, and content creators, saving their own Stories can be helpful for reference or repurposing content.
  • Businesses and marketers may want to analyze the performance of their Stories over time.
  • Saving the Story allows them to do this without the need for sharing it as a post or sending it through direct messages.
  • Saving Stories ensures they have a copy for future reference.
  • Instagram Stories may contain important legal or contractual information. Saving them can serve as evidence or documentation if disputes arise.

How to Save Instagram Stories

Following Steps to Save Instagram Stories you have already share.

  • Log in Instagram App.
  • Tap your profile picture (located at the top-left corner) to view posted stories.
  • Chose the story you want to save.
  • Tap the three dot icon( at the top right corner).
  • Tap on Save button.

Tips : Before You share a Story, Tap on Down Arrow icon ( locate top of the screen) to save it your device.

How to Save Instagram Stories Automatically

Following Steps to Save Instagram Stories Automatically while you share.

  • Log in Instagram App.
  • Go to Your Profile (located at down right corner).
  • Tap on Three Line Menu icon (located at top right corner).
  • Tap on Setting and privacy.
  • Tap on Archiving and downloading.
  • Now Toggle on Save Story to Gallery to save stories your device Gallery. you share story and automatically store in your device gallery.


How do I download Instagram stories to my gallery?

Yes, above steps to download your stories in your device Gallery.

How can I save other people’s Instagram photos?

No, Instagram not provide this future.


Instagram Stories are a fun and engaging way to share moments with your followers, and it’s only natural to want to Save Instagram Stories for future enjoyment. You choose to use Instagram’s built-in feature, make sure you are respectful of other users’ content and privacy.With these methods, you can preserve your favorite Instagram Stories and relive those memorable moments whenever you like.


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